MICI Magazine

Just a quick post to highlight a beautiful new magazine on the Australian Christian publishing landscape.


About Us

three-point-four billion women in the world
one-point-seven billion under 25 years of age

Which means…
63 million suffer from eating disorders
over 425 million suffer from depression
938 million have been beaten, raped or sexually assaulted
22 million will have an abortion this year
300,000 or more will commit suicide


There is one who will always answer, “more than you can ever imagine!”

Want to know who you really are?

Let mici give you a new perspective.

Choose to outshine. Live unlimited.


The link to their blog is here {click} for a taste of what the magazine contains.

My daughter, Naomi, brought home a copy recently and it is BEAUTIFUL.  For those of you who love magazines such as Frankie or The Collective, but are looking for encouraging, Christian content…..MICI is for you:)  It’s  bit on the pricey side, but the production values are exquisite and it would make a fabulous “coffee table” book to delight visitors.


They also have a publication for a younger female audience:


Yay!  Well done Team MICI!  Guess what subscription my girls are getting for Christmas this year?

Live brave,

Meredith xo




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