Joyful Truths

by Meredith Donkin

The expression “the days are long, but the years are short” certainly rings true during school term.  This week, our house is transitioning with varying degress of success from school holidays into the aforementioned school term.  The holidays were spent primarily wearing soft clothes, drinking smoothies and binge watching Netflix {The Blacklist = awesome}.  Tempus fugit and all that and we find ourselves back on the school/work/sport merry-go-round.    We’re back baby. Wearing hard pants, hard shoes, making lunches and watching the clock like a Swiss Train conductor.

To soften the harsh domestic realities of my day, {and to remind me whose I am, why I’m here and to not FREAK OUT }, I love to booby-trap my day with reminders of joyful truth.  Over the years I have found it essential to my well-being and especially that of my teen spawn.

I have this on my buffet table in the main room and for the benefit of the whole family:


Sometimes you just need to keep it simple and use small words, especially before 9am when I’m operating under a sleep and caffeine deficit.

Like most people, I have my phone glued to my side.  I’m all about the apps and She Reads Truth is one of the best. They offer FREE lock screens which are a delight to your eye every time you go to use your phone.  I have a rotating selection of these on my phone.


Naptime Diaries are my favourite for printables.  I adore these and have used them on the front of diaries, in frames or as screen savers.


ephesians42_large ruth_large psalm16_large

I am currently obsessing over the House of Belonging on Etsy.  However, in what can only be described as a travesty of justice, they are unable to ship to Australia.  Argh…the tyranny of distance. However, I love them so much, that I just had to share these images with you, regardless.  In the meantime, I’m getting out my hot glue gun, some plywood and my stencil set….




Closer to home and on a more practical level, I keep my journaling bible with it’s funky case on the kitchen table.  It’s in my eye line and reminds me to just stop and spend a minute….easily, joyfully, creatively:


Also, December can’t come soon enough as I can’t wait to unpack this baby which I used all of last Christmas:

christmas mug

If you don’t know me well yet, you’d better brace yourself, because Christmas is coming and I fully embrace it in all its kitsch glory.  We parents are the Keepers of Christmas and I take that job very seriously.  You’ve been warned.

I hope you feel encouraged to remember to place your identity in God’s truth.  Not in whether all the kids socks matched, the house is immaculate or if the morning involved fraying tempers.  We are strengthened and redeemed through Jesus.  Please know that however your day looks and whether or not your hard pants zip up, you are loved, precious and known.

Live brave, sister!

Meredith xo


Meredith is the editor of Esther & Friends and lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband, six children and Charlie the Wonder Dog.  You can read more about her past adventures in kid-wrangling here.


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