outrageous, awkward prayer


You could have heard a pin drop after one of the members of our congregation prayed in church yesterday.

“God, I so want to call your wrath upon the heads of these terrorists! I want every weapon in your armory to bring them to justice!  Instead, I know you want me to pray for their souls.  And mean it.  I imagine Lord what it would look like for the most devout IS members to come before your throne and give their lives to you.  What change that would bring and how much healing love? So church, now join me in prayer….”

Wow.  Outrageous….awkward….RIGHTEOUS.

My challenge today, with all the hyperbole and vitriol being sprayed across the media 24/7, is to remember that I am set apart.  I must set myself apart, restrain myself from feeding my feelings of injustice and remember who is in control.  The One who is in control, asks us to love.  Not when it’s convenient or when we feel loving.  As a conscious act of obedience, I must call on my heavenly Father to soften my heart enough to genuinely pray for these harbingers of evil.  Pray that their hearts will be turned to Christ.  Pray that their anger will give way to love. Pray that Satan will not prevail in their hearts.  Can you imagine what a powerful testimony that would be?

This is how we do war….


So how should we respond?  We pray. We forgive.  We give thanks to a Sovereign God who is in control. We welcome the refugees, the orphans, the foreigners.  Then we love them like it’s our job.  If that’s naive, so be it.  I am a Daughter of the King, who is confident that this world is not all there is.  How I respond today matters and this is how He has called me to act.

IS call us “The People of the Cross”. Thank you for the reminder IS.  There is no lovelier title you could bestow. I’m going to try to keep living up to it.


Live brave, sister!






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