Hey there, 2016 – let’s keep it simple.


Meditating on this today as I contemplate the year ahead.  Whatever it may holds, I know that the Holy Spirit will be with me,  Jesus understands my struggles and God knows the whole of it.

Social media has me hyperventilating in panic as strategies on how to be the “best you” in 2016 flood every feed.  So many goals! So many 5 step processes on how to achieve, achieve, achieve! It makes me want to go and have a lie down. So much pressure! So much scaffolding for control. Whilst I’m excited for 2016 and all the cute stationery that accompanies it, I’m determined to keep it simple. My focus is to cultivate good habits, practice the fruits of the Spirit, nurture those fruits in my kiddos and keep my laundry under control. That’s it….and that is enough.

In between that I’m going to hang out here with my favourite writers, get to know you better and hopefully bring joy and encouragement to this space.

Happy New Year to you. Let’s go forward trusting in our Father and letting Him do what He does best – be the one in control, because I suck at it.

Live Brave, Sister!

Meredith xo


5 thoughts on “Hey there, 2016 – let’s keep it simple.

  1. Hey, thanks for sharing! So true, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the “new year new you” mentality and feel overwhelmed. Ultimately when we look to Christ first, that stress goes away. All the best in 2016 and God bless!


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