One for One

Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Lenten season.  I believe that this piece from Miriam is God-inspired.  I encourage you to read it more than once and share it with your prayer partners/bible study/BFF’s.  We can do this.  We can do this well.  Live brave, Sisters! Meredith xo

by Miriam Jessie

When we’re far enough in to 2016 that the good plans and resolutions are starting to feel a little soggy in the uptake……. After all,  these are the thoughts that are telling me I could still win in 2016.

I had a dear friend once with a terrible diagnosis. I went to bed one night and my heart for her was so broken that my prayer was simply ‘God she is my friend’. He knew the rest and I didn’t have words to put into sentences but I trusted that he knew all the words behind my ‘wordless groans’ as Romans 8 so eloquently puts it.


Later she would tell how she could not even summon words herself but she felt the prayers of others doing all of it for her.

In a world of trafficked people, women bought, children abused, slavery and disappointment I was reminded of those words she spoke. How she didn’t have strength to pray for herself but, she was carried along by the prayers of others.

And I wondered if the best way to defeat… genocide, slavery, domestic abuse, terminal diagnosis, disillusioned prodigals, someone trapped in depression, trafficking…. all of it, is a global tide of prayer that holds another up when they cannot find the strength to do it for themselves.

Like that time when a battle was won by two men who simply supported one whose arms were too weary to do it alone.

Like holding on for another because we remember how Daniel was told that the answer he asked for was dispatched immediately but delayed in transit.

Like how we are reminded when we take up the cause of the weak – to free, heal, work against injustice – our own healing and light will dawn (Is 58). Have we forgotten that the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective? Are we sidelining prayer to just ‘when I need a carpark’ moments in our lives?

Could we change the world atmosphere together?


My self-challenge is simply 1 for 1, to take up the cause of another in the world and commit to pray for them every day. My suggestion is that we pick a cause that tears at our heart and commit to one person caught in that situation – one terrified woman sold to the highest bidder, one child hungry and begging, one woman who doesn’t feel safe in her home – whatever it is that most resonates with you today. I don’t need details – I’m trusting God with those. I’ll just pray for this ‘one person’ each day. He knows her/his name, the details, the needs and He is inviting me to partner with the heavens for his/her breakthrough.

Surely there are enough of us in relative ease that can commit to lift the arms and cause of another who no longer has the strength to groan?  Would you be a 1 for 1? Choose a time – shower, teeth-brushing, the steps up to work, the distance of the driveway – and ask Holy Spirit to remind you each day to lift, in that moment, the cause of your ‘one’ – believing for breakthrough, believing that on the other side of here you might know the joy of meeting someone whose hands you held up for a year of tiny prayers.


Do you want to do something significant in 2016? I do and I’m starting to believe that this could be some beautiful thing I can do. How about you?

This is my win for 2016 – a win for a someone I don’t know. 1 for 1. Me for them.

Love in action.

Miriam Jessie lives in New Zealand with her family.  She is a teacher, education consultant and writer.  Miriam is passionate about God and His people.  You can read more on her blog 


3 thoughts on “One for One

  1. At a time when I often feel almost paralysed with the amount of pain and suffering in the world and am not sure where to start first, this is such a tangible way to help us keep our eyes focused up on Him and outward to others. Thank you so much for this xx

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