Breaking Busy

by Meredith Donkin

I’m reading this at the moment:


And by reading, I mean, I’m listening to it on my phone while I do the laundry which has gotten completely out of hand.

I’m not sure if it’s a reflection of where my life is at the moment, or just that it’s so very, very good….but I am LOVING this book.  It’s witty, realistic, encouraging and challenging in all the right measure.  Alli Worthington is the Executive Director of Propel Women, is happily married and has five sons.  This woman knows busy.  But she also understands busy with a purpose, which is the difference.

I’ve found in Christian circles there can be that “you need to increase your capacity/Proverbs 31 woman” thinking which makes me want to hide under the doona.  The opposite of this is what I had one mother say to me “Oh, you’re busy?  You know what busy stands for?  Burdened Under Satan’s Yoke.  Maybe you should not be working outside the home”.  I wanted to do her physical harm….forgive me Jesus.

If you’re struggling with feeling overwhelmed and having difficulty knowing where and how you should be expending your time and energy, I highly recommend you stop what you’re doing and read/listen to this book.  It could just stop that impending panic attack that you can feel coming on.

More than anything, you’ll also feel you have a friend in the trenches.  Alli is self-deprecating, warm and witty.  She is open about her flaws and her struggles, but also acknowledges good decisions and outcomes when they happen.  If you decide to listen to it via it’s a wonderful experience.  The narrator has a beautifully, mellifluous voice which made me feel calm almost immediately.  Think of it as therapy:)

I’ll leave you with some visuals taken from the book:

breaking busy image 4






breakingbusy 2



Live Brave, Sister!

Meredy xo



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