Who and what is “Esther & Friends”?



Esther & Friends is a gathering place of encouragement. No matter what season you are in, what challenges you are facing, what triumphs you are celebrating, what hurts you are carrying.  Esther & Friends is a curated collection of good news, social justice issues and ideas of how to create more connection, fellowship and joy in your life.


Having led a bible study for many years, I’ve noticed a consistent challenge women face.  We’re constantly striving, constantly running and weighed down by a feeling of never being quite “enough”.  That is not what God intended for our life.  He loves us so much and wants us to know His peace.  The book of Esther is a gift to us.  A parcel of lessons that if soul-breathed, can dramatically change our lives.

Some of the key lessons:

  •  Your background or childhood experiences are no barrier to carrying out God’s purpose for your life.
  •  God is never mentioned once in this book.   How many of us have felt God was absent and we have felt abandoned at a time we needed His reassurance the most?  Yet, looking back we can clearly see His presence all along.
  • We must be obedient and patient in God’s timing.  Esther’s obedience saved her people, although she had no guarantee for her personal safety.
  • The Lord places His people in the right place at the right time to accomplish His will.  He has a plan for our lives.




You.   For the here and now.  Incorporating all the hats of identity that you wear.  Whether you are single or married, daughter, mother, sister, friend. First and foremost,  you are a Daughter of the King.  Precious in His sight.  Born for such a time as this.

Charles Swindoll wrote :

Esther, which is this young woman’s Persian name, means “star.” This seems appropriate, since she is truly the star of the show, the heroine of the story. The immortal, invisible, all-wise hand of God is working behind the scenes, hidden from human eyes. Only such a gracious and all-knowing Being would have His hand on some forgotten orphan, a little girl who had lost her mother and father and was left to be raised by her cousin Mordecai.

There is a beautiful message here for anyone who has ever experienced brokenness, for anyone who has ever been crushed by life, for anyone who has ever felt that his past is so discolored, so disjointed, so fractured that there is no way in the world God can make reason and meaning out of it. We are going to learn some unforgettable lessons from Esther. Here was a little girl who must have cried her heart out at the death of her parents, bereft and orphaned, yet who, years later, would become key to the very survival of her people, the Jews. God and God alone can do such things—He, in fact, does do such things, working silently and invisibly behind the events of history.

And He is working quietly behind the scenes of your life too.


Live Brave, sister

Meredith xo