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Free vintage posters from NASA!  

I absolutely LOVE this piece…

“Just love them. And yes, another tenet of my faith is that we hold each other accountable… but holding each other accountable takes place inside community and relationships.”


In 18 months he has gone from a General in Satan’s Army to a General in God’s Army.


“I will not give you the gift of hating you”  One man’s powerful response to the death of his wife in the Paris attacks.

women shine in  inaugural Pakistan preaching award

jen hatmaker on the pressure of having it all

give me gratitude or give me debt

the santized stories we tell

camp create

uptown funk to 100 famous movie scenes

you are included

5 ways to stand up and be the church in the worst refugee crisis since WWII

One of my favourite blog posts of ALL time

Ever wondered what goes into making a Dior haute couture dress?

The story behind the Christian art of Akiane, child prodigy

Lessons learned from a year of world wide family travel with kids

I just love everything she makes….but this one particularly spoke to me today:)

A timely reminder for letting our souls breathe in the midst of our busy days

A perspective of domestic violence within a Christian marriage.

Don’t be the next anybody.  Be deeply, weirdly, completely, totally you.

A closet turned into a book room!

With summer coming, I’m ticking off this book list

Best TED talks for women 2014….to start with