The Winter of My Disconnect

Welcome back!  Apologies for the delay in programming.  I’ve been on an unexpected sabbatical of sorts for the last few months.  Some significant health challenges for our family and some major upheavals in the social justice work I’m involved with resulted in me dropping some balls.  This, sadly,  being one of them.

Ironically, during this season I have become more convinced than ever about the importance of fellowship with sisters-in-Christ and places to find uplifting Christian resources.   Over time, I hope together we can establish this little corner of the interwebs as a positive resource for whoever needs it, reflecting generosity and compassion.

My spirit has taken some pretty heavy hits in the last few months both physically and emotionally and what I can tell you unequivocally  is “Our God is faithful”.
Even when the news is not welcome.
Even when things you have hoped and prayed would change haven’t.
Our God IS faithful.
I have never once felt alone.  Instead, He has lead me to look at my life through a new lens.  One where I am loved, even if I can’t be a work horse.  Who knew??


If you’re interested, here are some things that I’ve found restorative and life-affirming during my healing break:






Bible Verses:


All of the above has encouraged me to live gently, quietly, contentedly and hopefully showing myself and others more grace.

There is a difference, I have learned, between self-care and self-comfort.  Discerning the difference has been a life-changer.  Binge-watching Netflix is self-comforting but not particularly helpful.  Going for a walk in the fresh air and ignoring the laundry for a morning is mentally restorative and self-caring, especially knowing that the laundry will get done eventually anyway.

My prescription for living has been more family time, less outside commitments.  More prayer, less yelling.  More long bubble baths, less 5 minute rushed showers.  More healthy food, less take away.  More fresh air, less sitting inside.  More reading, less screens.  More worship music, less depressing radio news updates.  More grace, less expectation.  Less talking, more listening. More social justice, less politics.  More love, less judgement.

I have also made small changes like buying myself really nice face cleanser and moisturiser and beautiful pyjamas so that when I get into bed I feel ready to rest.  I hadn’t bothered to “spoil” myself like this in years.  Rearranging my bedroom furniture and putting crisp white linen on the bed with new fluffy pillows was also incredibly refreshing.  I needed a restful cocoon in which to retreat to at the end of the day which had been filled with confronting new realities.

Living brave in this season doesn’t necessarily mean living loud.  There are certainly seasons to be lived loud and bold and unconstrained.  Right now, for me,  living brave means living gently, connected to my people in meaningful ways and this takes time. Investing in them and receiving community in return. Living life around a table, breaking bread together, sharing plates, stories and memories.  This is living. And it takes bravery. Which is the spirit which our God has planted in each of us.


Go live your Brave, Sister. xo

Your Part Matters {come as you are}


I read something the other day that got me pondering my life over the past few years. It is drastically different. I am different. Without a doubt, I can honestly say that I am more me today than I have ever been.

What happened? What took place to create such a change? How did I get here? Continue reading “Your Part Matters {come as you are}”

She shines like stars


Before I headed off into my day today, I sat down with my journaling bible and flipped it open to this:


” Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, ‘children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.’  then you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life.”
Philippians 2: 14-16

Continue reading “She shines like stars”

Joyful Truths

by Meredith Donkin

The expression “the days are long, but the years are short” certainly rings true during school term.  This week, our house is transitioning with varying degress of success from school holidays into the aforementioned school term.  The holidays were spent primarily wearing soft clothes, drinking smoothies and binge watching Netflix {The Blacklist = awesome}.  Tempus fugit and all that and we find ourselves back on the school/work/sport merry-go-round.    We’re back baby. Wearing hard pants, hard shoes, making lunches and watching the clock like a Swiss Train conductor. Continue reading “Joyful Truths”

Bible Journaling for Beginners


If you’ve been hanging out on Pinterest at all in the last year or so, you couldn’t help but notice how bible journaling has become a “thing”.  I love Pinterest as much as the next girl and her mason jar collection, but I have to admit I was getting a tiny bit overwhelmed by the sheer artistry and beauty these women had created.  Great, I thought, just another creative thing to suck at.

However, the thought of highlighting passages, writing down key phrases from sermons in church and connecting in a colourful way to the Word intrigued me.  As much as I love the Word, I often find it difficult to focus and stay on task.  Sometimes I’m just plain tired, or a bit distracted or anxious that I should be doing some urgent task of housekeepery to prevent our home’s natural bent toward entropy. Continue reading “Bible Journaling for Beginners”