I am a mother & so are you

by Cheryl Moses

For all my single girls, marrieds without kids and for your precious sisters whose wombs will forever be empty….

As Mother’s Day approaches I often find myself a bit nostalgic. Everyone is making plans for the day – celebrations, surprises, and family gathering, but not me, and I’m okay with that.

My mother passed away when I was 28. I’m almost a couple of decades past that now, but I still miss her. I don’t despise the plans others are making, nor do I wish the day away. Life and death are part of our experience and we shouldn’t let the latter overshadow the first.

 Yet this Mother’s Day I’ve been thinking about you – your hearts, your longings, your pain and disappointments. Mostly, I’ve been thinking how lonely many of you must feel on Mother’s Day. This is that day when the sting of words, glaring stares, confused looks and inconsiderate words come back to haunt you. You know the ones I’m talking about because they’re etched in your mind and some still prick your heart.

 “Why haven’t you had kids yet? Don’t you want them?” Or in my case, “You’ve NEVER had kids? Wow!”

Here are a few others that I especially abhor, “You wouldn’t understand because you don’t have kids,” and my least favorite, “Well that’s because you don’t have kids.”


No one sees the tears you cry in secret because of the pain in your heart to bear children. No one understands the choices you’ve made that have lead you to where you are. No one but you know what God has called you to, and sometimes even you wonder about that.

Whether you are single by choice or like me, still waiting, or whether you’re childless by choice or still praying, barren or awaiting the call that will fill your arms with a child, please hear me today. You are significant. Your life matters! THERE IS GREAT VALUE IN YOU TODAY.

 Embrace your own unique journey. You will never have the freedom and opportunities you do now. Enjoy them! Cherish them! Honor the Lord through them. 

Good moms are not born. They’re taught. Whether you were privileged to be raised by one or not, start mothering right where you are. Take a younger woman under your wing. Pour into her. Love on a few babies. Help a young mom out. Do for others what you’d want if you were in their shoes. Use your life to bless them while you wait for your own blessing to arrive. 

Do not lament what you don’t have. Rejoice in God’s goodness to you today! He gives in abundance where gratefulness abides. As you give thanks for what is good in your life, your desire may not fade but your spirit will find peace with you today. God is not punishing you with barrenness or singleness. You are not suffering the plight and stigma of empty arms. You are simply holding out for God’s goodness while your arms find their way around another daughter or son to love. 


Do what many busy moms cannot. Give yourself away, mothering the motherless, or whomever the Lord puts in your path. Oh, the power of your voice and the impact of your influence. You don’t have to bear children to be a mother.

Allow your current circumstance to groom you for the person you wish to become. Don’t allow the enemy’s lies to keep your heart filled with sorrow. Step into the innate desire within us all – every woman, to nurture and to care for someone. It’s embedded within you. So it has to spill out somewhere or else your heart will become sick.

 I received a gift this week from an anonymous giver. It was this beautiful purple rose, a real one that had been dipped in 24 kt gold. Whoever sent it knows I love purple, but it was the enclosed note that got me. I’ve reread it multiple times this week because it touched me so deeply.

It simply said, “Cheryl Moses, thank you for being a spiritual Mom to so many. You are loved, greatly!”

 Gold Dipped Rose

Your words can touch where a mother’s cannot, even though they’ve said the same thing over and over to their children. Your life makes a difference. Your words matter. You are not broken because you’re not a mom. Your life is a beautiful gift waiting to be poured out. Please share it today.

 Love Cheryl.



A Mother’s Day Reflection for ALL Women


by Miriam Jessie

A reflection that is for all women as we approach Mother’s Day.

As a mother the idea of Mother’s Day delights me, but in a church context I both love and tremble at bringing this celebration through the doors and into the church.

In every ‘Happy Mother’s Day’, I am reminded of a time I sat with a friend who cried at another period announcing her hope for motherhood was dashed again.

I think of the single friend who has such a great capacity for love, who longs for motherhood and sees no answer to that longing.

I think of the women who fill pews and live silent about abortions they have had because they already feel condemnation and no space to be loved and grieve their loss.

I weep for the women who have been rejected and hurt by the adults they once rose to tend in the midnight hours.

I feel the silent crushing weight of the myriad of women who feel they are failing to mother ‘as they ought to’. Continue reading “A Mother’s Day Reflection for ALL Women”

Your Part Matters {come as you are}


I read something the other day that got me pondering my life over the past few years. It is drastically different. I am different. Without a doubt, I can honestly say that I am more me today than I have ever been.

What happened? What took place to create such a change? How did I get here? Continue reading “Your Part Matters {come as you are}”

She shines like stars


Before I headed off into my day today, I sat down with my journaling bible and flipped it open to this:


” Do everything without grumbling or arguing, so that you may become blameless and pure, ‘children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.’  then you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life.”
Philippians 2: 14-16

Continue reading “She shines like stars”

The Freedom of Surrender




Surrender. If you’re anything like me, your gut probably turns when you hear that word. It typically means me giving something up that I would rather not hand over.

I sat with a friend today and listened as she poured out her heart, sharing with me her struggles. There were times when it seemed as though she were telling my story. Our journeys are similar to a degree, yet separated by circumstance. Continue reading “The Freedom of Surrender”

Walking with a limp


By Simone Graham

Know anybody perfect?
Anyone without flaws, imperfections, weaknesses?
Nope, me either.

Al otro lado del espejo

I think we all have them, don’t we?

Things we struggle with, our private battles, our nemeses and giants. My giant is no secret – I have battled depression for the past 15 years, and continue to live in its shadow. If you watch me walk through life for long enough, you will notice that I have this “limp”.  It ain’t pretty, sure, but a while back I decided there was no point hiding it. Better to say, Yes I limp. Yes I struggle. You’ll figure it out eventually anyway. And it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Continue reading “Walking with a limp”

Joyful Truths

by Meredith Donkin

The expression “the days are long, but the years are short” certainly rings true during school term.  This week, our house is transitioning with varying degress of success from school holidays into the aforementioned school term.  The holidays were spent primarily wearing soft clothes, drinking smoothies and binge watching Netflix {The Blacklist = awesome}.  Tempus fugit and all that and we find ourselves back on the school/work/sport merry-go-round.    We’re back baby. Wearing hard pants, hard shoes, making lunches and watching the clock like a Swiss Train conductor. Continue reading “Joyful Truths”